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GoRR 2022 Notice of Race is Published

190 days until 5th Gulf of Riga Regatta. We are going to start from Riga on June 27th, 2022, to follow to Salacgriva, continue to new Koiguste port in Saaremaa island, up to last racing day at GoRR partners sight in Kuressaare.

We welcome our trusted regular participants, and will be happy for new teams, both domestic and from nearer and far countries of the Baltic sea. The application is open at www.gorr.lv/en

Continuously working on regatta quality development where one of the main parameters is fair competition, in 2022 we are going to pay more targeted attention to attractiveness of ORC group.

ORC boats will be divided in 4 groups. One of them is going to be ORC Cruiser group where we expect clear cruise type competitors. Other three ORC groups will be divided according to CDL to ensure competition between boats with as similar parameters as possible. CDL limits according to preliminary expected fleet will be announced by the end of May.

There are four coastal and three windward/leeward races planned for ORC groups, but for LYS and ORC Cruiser groups – five coastal races.

Starting from January, 2022 issuing of ORC certificates in Latvia will bo coordinated by Latvian Offshore Sailing Association in cooperation with appointed ORC Technical Officer Matteo Zuppini (Spain). Following the race committee and the protest committee good practice, also regatta technical committee is going to be international from now on.

You are welcome to check the Notice of Race in detail at gorr.lv/en/information and to apply for the regatta timely gorr.lv/en!