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We continue to plan, get vaccinated and checking for applications

As in the previous year, there won’t be clarity until the last moment neither for the organizers, nor participants of The Gulf of Riga Regatta (GoRR) whether the epidemiological situation in the country will allow the competition to take place or not. However, this time the vaccination is in progress. There are versions of benefits for vaccinated ones for participation in public activities.

GoRR organizers are also considering the possibility that the competition will be open to vaccinated participants. We continue to plan, think of solutions and prepare to welcome Baltic offshore sailors in Riga and Salacgriva, we also look forward for the opportunity to reach Roņu Island and Pärnu without restrictions, as planned on the regatta route.

We also encourage participants who are preparing and planning to participate, to apply for participation through the website https://gorr.lv/en, so that we can be informed better about the expected size of the regatta.

We would also like to draw your attention to the published changes in the Notice of Race point 5.2 what cancel the condition regarding non-refundable participation fee.