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Major Gulf of Rīga Regatta to Support Cleanliness in the Baltic Sea

The Gulf of Riga Regatta (GoRR) will begin in Roja on June 25. There will also be the Latvian Open Sea Sailing Championship and the newly established Livonian Cup competition. Around 40 crews from Baltic Sea region countries will be gathering together for a competition that will start on June 25 and end on June 29. Regatta participants will stop at Mõntu, Kuressaare, Ruhnu Island. The finish place will be in Kuiviži marina. There will be also various events during the regatta that will emphasise issues about the ecological condition of the Baltic Sea. This will help to promote discussions about this theme in between of participants and visitors of the regatta.

"This will be the second GoRR competition. We want to improve the quality of this event, ensuring that this competition is competitive with other regattas so that the most demanding crews become interested in our regatta and join us. Another goal is to determine the champions of the Latvian Offshore Sailing Championship, ensure a high-level regatta, and promote positive competition among crews. Within this sailing event, we will also find out which crew will win the first Livonian Cup," says Valters Romans, a board member of the Latvian Sailing Union (LZS). He also represents the Latvian Maritime Sailing Association and is a co-organiser of GoRR. Valters Romans also says that through the partnership with Intelligent Systems a global positioning of the yachts will be ensured. Everuone will be able to track the competition on the regatta's homepage and see where the yachts are in a real-time.

During the Gulf of Riga Regatta, there will be a focus on environmental and ecological issues, particularly emphasising the health of the Baltic Sea. The organisers of the competition will prepare informational materials together with the Latvian Institute of Aquatic Ecology (LHEI) so as to help regatta participants and visitors better understand changes in the sea's ecosystem and raise awareness about the pollution of the Baltic Sea. Practical advice will be given to sailors in terms of improving and preserving the cleanliness of the waters.

"The Gulf of Riga Regatta is an excellent opportunity to talk about important aspects of the sea's ecology, including macro and micro plastic pollution, alien species in Latvia's waterways and eutrophication. Our job is to ensure healthy discussions about the current situation in the Gulf of Riga and the Baltic Sea, as well as to ask participants in the competition to focus more attention about their own influence on the environment, as well as others," argues LHEI representative Ieva Putna.

"The Linstow Group support projects which focus on issues on the preservation and sustainability of natural diversity. Since 2017, our group have been part of the "Plastic Free Planet" project," says Linstow Center Management CEO Frode Gronvold. The company is the general sponsor of the regatta. "We are delighted that organisers help to ensure the spirit of the competition, deal with global issues and educate participants and the public at large. Only if we facilitate an understanding about the ecosystem and pollution of the Baltic Sea and mark out prospects for the future, we can gradually improve the situation."

Everyone is invited to visit the Kuiviži marina on June 29 to enjoy the competition atmosphere between 11:00 AM and 3:00 PM. Shortly before the awards ceremony, at 4:00 PM LHEI representatives will provide interactive information about the sea gudgeon and there will have a chance to taste this fish. The awards ceremony is scheduled to start around 5:00 PM. More information about the programme can be found at https://gulfofrigaregatta.eu