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LJBA and GoRR deny the opportunity to participate in the competition to representatives of Russia and Belarus

LJBA and GoRR suspend participation of Russian and Belarusian athletes and officials from competition.

Expressing strong condemnation of the war waged by the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus in Ukraine. Advocating for the independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine, the organizers of the Gulf of Riga Regatta (GoRR) and the Latvian Offshore Sailing Association "Latvijas Jūras burāšās asociasija" (LJBA) will follow the recommendations of the national and international sports organizations.

In line with these recommendations, GoRR and LJBA will refuse the participation of athletes and teams from Russia and Belarus in sailing competitions organized in Latvia this year.

LZS appeal not to allow athletes from Russia and Belarus to compete.

LSFP call of suspending participation.

The LOC's call to prevent athletes from Russia and Belarus from participating.

EUROSAF statement.

Read the original WS (World Sailing) announcement here and here.