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Announcement on Progress on the Gulf of Riga Regatta (GoRR) in 2020

Sailors are invited to prepare and apply for the regatta

The state of emergency in Latvia with subsequent restrictions holding various events, including but not limited to sailing competitions, is in force until June 9. Due to existing restrictions and a lack of clear information that would allow the best planning and adaptation of the Regatta to the circumstances, the organizers of the GoRR competitions have assessed both – the possibility of organizing or cancelling the event.

We are aware that we are taking a variety of risks when deciding on the course of the competition. We understand that in the current state of emergency GoRR would need to adapt. The Regatta has to be different this year, it would have to become "New normal GoRR".

However, above all educational and recreational activities ashore we value the sportive spirit of the yachtsman – a professional and high-quality competition on the water. And especially throughout these challenging times, we see it as our duty to be united and to strengthen the spirit of sailing. Therefore, expressing deep gratitude for the support of every sailor, we are announcing – if the legal basis for organizing the Regatta is provided, the organizers of GoRR competition will undertake everything to ensure the competition is conducted. We are committed not only to comply with national safety measures, but also to adapt the event to this unprecedented "new – normal" period.

We created GoRR for sailors. And we always will!

In order to be able to adjust to changes as efficiently as possible and to communicate quickly with each of you, we invite sailors and teams to register their participation in the Regatta online: https://gorr.lv/en/registration

See you at #newnormal #GoRR2020!

Your #nnGoRR organizing team and friends

P.S. further information on the progress of the competition and possible changes will be made available as soon as the state administration is more forward-looking and ultimate decisions are taken.